My First Ever Resin Makes

I love loads of different crafts, crochet, card making to name a few, so when I saw a resin jewellery kit I clicked buy! Since then I have become a little bit addicted and have really enjoyed making all sorts of different jewellery as well as trying my hand at bookmarks and coasters!

These were a few of my first ever makes. I made a few mistakes but was pretty happy with them as a first attempt. I used the pigments and sparkle from the kit for the heart shaped ones and used some other supplies I had at home for the teardrop one. They all used 1 to 1 Resin8 coating resin.

I then invested in a few silicone moulds to try something different. I basically added some mica powder, some glitter and some sparkly bits I found in the house and did a bit of experimenting. This time I used some Alumilite AMAZING Clear Cast Epoxy Resin to try out a different brand. Another learning curve with several of the pieces coming out with the tip missing, big bubbles and a lot of sharpe edges. I did manage to get a few decent pieces that my daughter was happy to claim as her own.

I’m currently working on a bookmark and a ruler so I will let you know how they turn out. Bye for now.

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