The fun of demoulding !

I’ve really enjoyed getting started with epoxy resin, I’m still amazed by what you can create. This week I have received some new eco-glitter and alcohol inks that I bought last week so couldn’t wait to try them out and experiment! I love after patiently waiting for it to cure the anticipation of what it is going to look like when you demould!

My 1st try of alcohol inks

I really enjoyed trying out some alcohol inks, I love that you have no idea how it is going to turn out until you take it out! I’ll definitely be using these again.

I also tried out a gorgeous glitter mix called Deep Space which I just mixed with clear resin and this is how it turned out.

I also tried adding this mix into a small cabochon mould, and I stuck them into some earring bezels. I love the sparkle in these!

Blue reflective glitter was my next experiment and again I just mixed this with clear resin to see what it would come out like. It is mainly white but does sparkle blue when you move it. Very difficult to photograph!

The last of my new glitters was some chunky aqua glitter, which I mixed with some small aqua nuggets and tried it out in a big heart cabochon mould.

Next I tried out a bookmark mould and used some silver sparkle. I couldn’t get a very clear photo of this one though.

Spot the stray piece of iridescent glitter!

My next challenge has been set by my daughter who wants me to do something with a few toy collectibles that she has spares of. I have an idea so we’ll see if it works or not. I’ll let you know how it goes. Bye for now.

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