Trying my hand at seascapes and transparencies

I’ve seen lots of beach resin art and seascapes recently and fancied trying it out for myself. I decided to use small moulds to start with and used heat resistant resin so I could use them as coasters.

I mixed the sand with resin to begin with and placed the mixture in the mould, followed by two different blues and finally a bit of white which I used a heat gun to spread. I also added some bits of shell and sea glass and a layer of clear resin on top to finish once the bottom layer had cured.

I also had a go at using transparencies for the first time. I used a few different backgrounds to see what they looked like. I had to do so in layers to make sure the image on the transparencies remained visible, I did have a few disasters where the image was completely obscured and a few where they worked pretty well.

I have bought a few more moulds and mica powders this week so I am going to spend the next week trying them out. I’ll let you know how they turn out. Bye for now.

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  1. Love the cowsters, keep up the good work


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