Resin layers, sphere moulds and repurposing a jam jar lid

This week I decided to test out some new mica powders, glitter and transparent colours.

I started off with making my seascape coasters last week and with the small bit of resin left over I thought I would pop it in a larger mould and mix up a few of my new colours and glitters and see what happened. I let it cure and something was missing so I added some dried, pressed flowers with a layer of clear resin. After that cured there were bits of the flowers that had floated up and were not fully coated in resin so I added another layer of clear resin and this was the final result.

I’m happy with the finished result especially as it wasn’t planned at all I just added what I felt like!

I also tried out a sphere mould for the first time. I found this quite difficult as I had to use my glue gun to seal the middle and a little resin leaked out. After some sanding to get rid of the small ring where the two parts of the mould joined and a lot of polishing it turned out okay.

I also repurposed a jam jar lid for use as a coaster. I used a new mica powder that turned out to be very glittery and added a few dried flowers on top finished with a layer of clear resin .

Probably went a bit coaster crazy this week so thought I might as well make some more and opted for jesmonite this time!

And finally rounded of this weeks makes with a few pendants.

I’m going to try a few more beach/seascape makes next perhaps in an open backed bezel pendant and a bookmark, I might leave coasters alone for a little while. Bye for now.

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  1. Love the coasters, they remind me of some i saw on a recent holiday to Bullgaria, but think yours are better.


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