Mermaids, bookmarks and beaches

So with all this stormy weather my way, I decided to try out some more beach type projects to try and help me imagine some warmer, sunnier climates.

I tried out a bookmark using some sand, shells, blue mica powder, transparent blue/green colour and a bit of white mixed in. I used a heat gun to mix them up a bit and spread the white around and I’m really pleased with the effect.

I also tried out a mermaid tale mould for the first time. I brushed the end of the tale part of the mould with some mica powder to give that section a different look to the rest of it. I plan to make it in to a keyring as I think it will go quite well as one.

My latest work in progress is also with a beach theme. I am trying to make a place mat, it is just awaiting a final layer of heat resistant resin to finish it off.

My next task is to attach some bails to pendants I have made and attach some earrings together to make some wearable jewellery as often I have made some pendants with left over resin from various projects so have got myself quite a collection and I think it’s time to do something with them! Bye for now.

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  1. If your looking for aquatic theme i have seen a great Ferry mould. Great work


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