Lots of crafting time recently

Well, it’s been quite a strange month or so, but staying in has meant lots of craft time, and I have been using mine to try out some new things as well as revisiting some of my favourite makes.

It’s been a varied month, with a new take on coasters, HOME signs, pendants, mermaid tails, fridge magnets to name a few.

I really enjoy making the Home signs and for this latest one I tried a more rainbow colour scheme and included lights within it.

I was really happy with it until it got knocked onto a hard floor and half of the H snapped off, oops.

I also tried something a bit different with some coasters. I chose a geode style mould and tried creating a seascape, beach scene. I am happy with how it has come out and when it is all together it almost creates mini island in the ocean!

As well as these I had another go at a single seascape coaster, I love how they turn out different each time.

I also created another coaster from a jam jar lid. I made this one with some left over resin from the Home sign but added in a little gold as well.

I have made quite a few fridge magnets recently, I find them quite a fun thing to make by glueing on a magnet to a few of my creations. I have turned some mermaid tails and different heart shapes into fridge magnets.

Pendants are also a fun make and I often make a few with left over resin from other projects. Sometimes I pour them into pendant moulds, other times into a bezel but I find it a useful way to use up all of the resin I have mixed and can come up with some interesting things.

I have also just tried my hand at drying flowers myself but have a few weeks wait to see if I have been successful. I have made a few pendants as well with some bought dried and pressed flowers and am happy with the outcome.

A quick roundup of my recent makes. Luckily have plenty of crafting supplies and looking forward to more making. Bye for now.

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