Making a resin beach canvas

The canvas

I came across a small 20cm x 20cm blank canvas panel which had a coordinating frame and it inspired me to create some resin art on canvas.

The blank canvas

I love the sea, the beach and the waves so decided early on that this would be my inspiration.

Creating the beach

I wanted to use some real sand and decided to use the finest and lightest sand I had. I mixed it up with some clear resin and smoothed on a layer of sand across the corner. I added a starfish, small shells and a bit of seaglass.

The sand layer with shells, starfish and seaglass

I then spread a layer of clear resin over the rest of the canvas. I added some mineral flakes, micro crush and chunky glitter to the layer of clear resin. I let this layer cure overnight.

The first layer completed

After the first layer had cured I mixed up another batch of art coating resin, separated into pots and added the colour. I used an opaque deep sea blue, and 2 transparent colours, green blue and light blue. I also mixed up some opaque white.

I did the more opaque layer first, but I didn’t add as much colour as I normally would, giving it a slight transparency to try and show the sparkle and shimmer underneath. I added this coloured resin to the corner furthest away from the sand. I then added the blue green and the light blue before adding a thin strip of clear between the blue and the sand.

Next it was time for the waves. I added white to where I wanted the waves to go. I used my heat gun to gently move and manipulate the opaque white. I then left it to cure overnight.

The result

I popped it into its frame and this was the final result.

The finished framed resin canvas

Adding the sparkle and shimmer underneath was an experiment but it really gives the picture more depth as well as looking amazing in the light. This photo was taken in the sun.

I think I will experiment with this further when creating future seascapes.

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