Ocean themed alcohol ink resin pendant

I have made a few pendants and fridge magnets in the past using alcohol inks in resin such as this, ready to stick into a pendant bezel.

I wanted to try and recreate an ocean scene using alcohol ink. I wasn’t really sure how to go about doing this, so I tried picking out some ocean themed colours and gave it a go to see what happened.

Resin can be very unpredictable but add in alcohol ink and it is a whole new level of unpredictability!

I used Pinata Baja Blue, Pinata Rainforest Green Ranger Aquamarine and Pinata Blanco Blanco. I used a coating resin in a cabochon resin mould, added the alcohol ink and waited for it to cure.

My well used alcohol inks!

I find demoulding after using alcohol inks the most exciting as the reverse side looks completely different to the front.

These are how a few of my experiments turned out!

I love how different shapes appear, and with the colour combinations create an ocean theme. Although the same colours were used it is amazing how different they can come out when used in different amounts and combinations.

This is how one of these looks in a bezel. I chose quite a thick open-backed bezel and added a very small layer of clear resin, allowed this to cure then glued in the resin oval.

I think it captures an ocean theme well with a crashing wave and makes for a one of a kind pendant.

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