How to make a layered resin trinket dish

I love this trinket dish mould, I have used it a few times but always with a single pour. I have made ones with single colours and also one using these gorgeous aurora colourshift flakes. I have a few of these around the house, some hold a few coins, others small items I am struggling to find a home for!

This time I wanted to try something a bit different and was inspired by these tiny polymer clay fish that I had recently purchased.

I had some left over slowcure resin that I was using for another project and filled up the mould around half way. Before this I added a tiny amount of light blue transparent tint. I then placed the fish around the bottom of the mould, which when demoulded would be the top. I wanted to create the impression of the fish swimming around the dish.

When this layer had cured (3 days later), I added the last layer. I used a quicker curing resin for this one and also added some Resin 8 South Pacific Micro crush, which is a mix of crushed opaque and translucent glass.

When it had cured and it was time to demould, this is what it looked like. Of course one cheeky fish decided to swim upside down, there is always one!

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