Make your own seascape necklace with resin and a shell

I’m sure a lot of people have a few shells hanging around at home after a trip to the beach. I certainly have. I had an idea after working with the polymer clay fish I used in my trinket dish project. I wanted to create a mini seascape in a shell!

This is very simple to make, doesn’t require much resin and I only used a single colour, transparent light blue.

I added a small amount of the transparent light blue to resin. After mixing the colour in thoroughly I added the resin to each shell, not so much as to fill it completely but to still have the shell edge visible all the way around.

I then added the little polymer fish. I experimented with the number, adding only a few to one and adding more to others. I used a cocktail stick to position the fish as best I could rather than leaving them as they fell, which was mostly upside down.

I had one shell that already had a hole in the top so when the resin had cured I simply added a jump ring and threaded a chain through.

With the other shells I drilled a hole with a small hand drill and added a screw eye pin. I secured this with a tiny bit of araldite glue.

This secured it well and another pendant was ready. With the addition of a jump ring and a chain it was ready to wear.

I think this is a fun easy to make project which can be adapted to use all sorts of other items, such as sea glass or perhaps other mini shells with sand. It doesn’t use up much resin and would make a lovely homemade gift for a beach lover.

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