Make your own soap dish with jesmonite

Jesmonite is a versatile medium, coming in two parts, a mineral resin powder and an acrylic liquid. When mixed together you have a short time to pour into your mould, and not long to wait until it is ready to demould.

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I first discovered jesmonite after seeing it on a website selling resin and was intrigued. I bought a starter kit and the first thing I made was this tealight holder.

Recently I haven’t used jesmonite much, the last thing I made was this yin and yang plant pot.

I did also make another one!

So when I ran out of epoxy resin, I raided my resin cupboard and found some jesmonite at the back. I had recently ordered a soap dish mould and thought this would be a good time to try making one.

Making the soap dish

The jesmonite I used was this Jesmonite AC100 which has a 2.5-1 ratio.

After a thorough mix of the powder and liquid base it was ready to pour. I poured about 20ml into 2 cups and coloured these with some jesmonite pigment, blue and a mix of blue and red which eventually resembled a dark purple, although a bit darker than what I really wanted. I aimed to create a pattern on the top of the soap dish so dropped a few dots and lines of each colour onto the bottom of the soap dish mould. When it was sufficiently covered I added the rest of the uncoloured jesmonite on top. I tapped it onto my work surface a few times to try and release the bubbles up to the top, and popped them with a cocktail stick.

I left it for about an hour , demoulded and this is the result.

The next day I added some sealant to help protect the soap dish against heat, moisture, grease and stains. I have used this soap dish for several months in my bathroom and it is still going strong.

Different variations

There are so many different variations you can make using jesmonite such as this black and white one below. I used some black pigment mixed with jesmonite and drizzled it into the soap dish mould.

After this had set I then added a little white pigment to some mixed jesmonite and poured into the mould. This was the result.

Black and white jesmonite soap dish

This other one uses a different technique and involves pouring two different colours at opposite corners and seeing what happens!

I am waiting for some new soap dish moulds and can’t wait to try some different designs with these soon.

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