Resin Gift Ideas – Scallop shell ring or jewellery holder

Scallop shells can make gorgeous ring holders or trinket dishes. This can be a useful project if you have a little left over resin to make a beautiful seascape or beach scene within the shell.

Turquoise, sea green, light green or light blue are really beautiful colours to use to create an eye-catching but also useful gift or something special for yourself.

This first shell was made using some leftover light green transparent coloured resin. Add in some opaque white for the waves and motion of the water, along with a shell, starfish and a final clear resin top coat.

This second example uses more resin with some iridescent glitter mixed in with some light blue transparent colour. On top is some opaque white (which on this occasion has some beautiful cells or lacing), a larger assortment of shells as well as some sand and on top a clear resin coating.

These can be perfect projects to have a go at when you have a bit of left over resin, they can create a beautiful dish to keep at the side of your bed and can make an interesting and unique gift.

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