Resin Bookmark Ideas

Resin is a fantastic medium for creating bookmarks, which can be quite an easy project to have a go at making yourself.

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As well as the resin and equipment you will need:

Bookmark moulds Bookmark Tassells

As well as things to put in the resin.

Here are five things that work really well encased in a resin bookmark.


Anything sparkly looks great in resin bookmarks , think different sized glitter, sequins, iridescent flakes, gilding flakes. Here are a few examples:

Silver leaf resin bookmark
Gilding flakes in resin
Glitter paw print resin bookmark
Mermaid tail glitter bookmarks
Mixed epoxy glitter

Polymer Clay

Small polymer clay shapes also work really well in resin bookmarks, these examples include polymer clay snowflakes, butterflies, dragonflies and sunflowers.

Snowflake and glitter resin bookmark
Polymer clay snowflakes and glitter
 Alcohol ink and polymer clay resin bookmark
Polymer clay in front of an alcohol ink background


Buttons can fit nicely into a resin bookmark mould and with the varieties available there are all sorts of possibilities. The example below combines gold buttons with gold glitter.

Gold glitter and button resin bookmark
Gold glitter and buttons

Small seashells

Paired with some real sand, small seashells can finish off a seascape bookmark beautifully.

Seascape resin bookmark
Seascape bookmark

Dried flowers

Dried flowers can look beautiful in resin bookmarks, although its usually best to complete in 2 thin layers of resin if you want a smooth finish as the dried flower petals often like to rise to the top of the resin and create a bumpy finish.

This bookmark used some purple delphinium petals with some sparkle.

Dried flowers sparkly resin bookmark
Dried flowers and sparkle

Resin is a medium that can create a wide range of unique bookmarks that can make a perfect and useful gift.

Resin bookmark ideas
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