Using Polymer Clay Embeds in Resin


Polymer clay can make cute embeds in all sorts of different types of jewellery. With a large variety of embeds available the possibilities are endless. Earrings and pendants, rings and bangles, all can use polymer clay encased in resin.

Below is an example of some polymer clay pendants with a variety of different polymer clay embeds.

Sunflowers, snowflakes and butterfly embeds

I have also used polymer clay fish in this seashell pendant project.


Bookmarks are another item that can be easily embedded with polymer clay pieces with a variety of different effects, which I have detailed in a previous post all about resin bookmarks.

Butterflies, dragonflies and sunflowers on a background of alcohol ink
Snowflake polymer clay embeds in a paw print resin bookmark

Dishes and trays

Trinket dishes, pen holders and pots are another items that works well with polymer clay pieces with a variety of effects available such as this “swimming” fish trinket dish.

Trinket dish with polymer clay fish

Hug Token

I love hug tokens, and I think they go particularly well with polymer clay. This example uses the polymer clay fish again. (one of my particular favourites!)

Hug token with polymer clay fish


Keyring also work really well with polymer clay embeds. These keyrings use polymer clay sprinkles in an alphabet mould to create letter keyrings.

These are just a few ideas of how to use polymer clay in resin. Up to now I have used flatter polymer clay pieces but I am going to try some polymer clay fruit beads in some jewellery and will update with how it works out.

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