Cell Crea8or – does it work?

I love creating different things using resin, but like many others have found the elusive “cells” and “lacing” effects difficult to master. After many attempts I finally managed it in this beach canvas.

After finding out about Resin8’s Cell Crea8or, I was intrigued to find out if it would actually work! I bought some and tried it out.

My first trial was with a resin clock. I was aiming to use sea themed colours and added 2 drops of Cell Crea8or to the white only. I also used several blues and sea greens. When I added the white to the other colours it started to immediately form cells. I used a heat gun to move the colours around a bit and the cells started to spread across the clock.

My next experiment was another clock! Similarly a sea theme but with more blues and a bit of metallic blue added in.

For this one I used 1 drop of Cell Crea8or in the white and didn’t use the heat gun. I just let the colours mix together themselves and this was the result.

I had some leftover resin from this clock and added this to some close backed bezels which I think created an interesting effect.

I’m looking forward to experimenting further with Cell Crea8or in the future and by only using a drop or two each time, a little goes a long way.

I like the effects I have got using Cell Crea8or and will continue to use it but will also continue to attempt cells without it as I enjoy trying both.

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