Resin Home Sign

I made my first resin “HOME” word sign a while ago and haven’t revisited it for a while after my second attempt fell onto a very hard floor and the H fell off!

After tidying up my resin moulds recently I found my home sign mould and felt inspired to give it another go.

Using alcohol inks

My first attempt this time was using alcohol inks. In my previous attempt I used slow cure resin that took 3 days to cure enough to demould. This time as I was doing it in layers I used a quicker curing resin and opted for Epideco ProCast Art which I have used successfully with a few other projects in the past. I think my favourite quicker curing resin is this one and Resin 8 Coat-It resin. (links for convenience not sponsored) I find that using a slower curing resin doesn’t work as well with alcohol inks as they tend to drop to the bottom too much and if using you have to leave until it is a lot thicker.

I filled the mould about half full approx 0.5-0.7cm deep. I did leave the resin for about 20 minutes to thicken up a little before adding the alcohol inks. I opted for Pinata senorita magenta, chilli pepper, calabaza orange and sunbright orange. I used several drops of each colour on one letter, I then added several drops of Pinata blanco blanco throughout.

After this layer had cured overnight I added another layer of clear resin.

After this had cured, it was time to demould.

Pink, red, orange and yellow resin sign which reads “HOME”

Rose petals, lights and glitter

For my next Home sign, I opted for something a bit different. I had some bright red dried rose petals I had been wanting to use and also some lights to place inside the sign.

This one was a little trickier than the last. I used the same resin as last time as I was pleased with the result and started off mixing up the resin, while adding a little iridescent fine glitter. I poured the resin into the mould about half way again, then added the rose petals. I then added the lights, this was the tricky part! It can get a bit messy! Getting them to stay in the mould was very difficult and some of them drifted up out of the resin along with a few petals. I didn’t worry as I was doing this in layers so left them overnight to cure. The next morning most of the petals has stayed in the resin, with a few coming to the surface and one even sticking to the lights which had totally popped out of the mould!

For the next layer I used clear resin and before I poured gently put the lights into place as well as the rogue rose petal. Overall it worked well, the sneaky escapee rose petal drifted to the surface but the others behaved well.

This one though had the added effect of the lights within the resin which gives a warm glow when switched on and gives a very subtle sparkle with the glitter when you look a bit closer.

Beach style

For this one I used a lot of layers, gradually adding details. I started off with a sand layer (including a few shells) leaving this to cure at an angle within the mould. Next was a clear layer before adding opaque white to this to create the “waves”. Again I let this cure at an angle. A few layers of different blues finished the sign off.

I’m glad I had another go at making these. The alcohol ink sign is currently sitting on my bookcase and I think it has probably found a home there. Which is your favourite?

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