Resin seascape beach placemats

I love creating coasters with a seascape theme, but fancied making something a little bigger to try and get a bigger seascape.

I experimented with different sand types, different opaque and transparent pigments to create different styles of seascapes. I also tried an agate style mould with a different style of seascape creating an “island” towards the centre of the mould.

Seascape  resin placemat

This seascape placemat uses mainly transparent pigments with only the white being opaque. I also used sand I had collected from a beach myself which is a bit darker than I had used previously.

Resin beach seascape placemat

This placemat used a coarser sand, blue mica powder for the “deeper” sea and more white for the “waves”. Also this one has a smaller “beach” area.

Seascape resin island placemat

This placemat is something a bit different. I was inspired by a set of four coasters I had made previously which when placed together made a little “island”.

I wanted to try to create something similar but in a single piece.

I used a deeper sea blue than I have done before when making coasters or placemats. I used finer , lighter sand mixed with resin with shells and a starfish to create the “island”. I then used a smaller layer of transparent light blue which mixed with the darker colour. I added a little white opaque pigment and used an air gun to move it around a little to create the shore and gentle waves.

I love creating resin seascapes and with the nature of resin can create a different one each time.

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