Resin trinket dishes, key trays and pen holders

I often make too much resin for the project I am doing. I think I probably do this on purpose so I have a little left over to make something else with. Some of my favourite “left over resin” projects are little trinket dishes, key trays and pen holders. I find they make really useful things to have around the house and let you experiment with new techniques or colours.

My favourite small mould is my heart trinket dish. It doesn’t take much resin to create the dish and is perfect for left over resin. I have made a few in layers also when I have not quite had enough to fill it. There are so many variations you can make of this with different colours, glitter, alcohol inks and polymer clay (like this polymer clay fish trinket dish) to name a few.

They are really useful for holding coins, jewellery, little things you don’t know where to put!

The larger version of this is another tray I like to make. This takes a bit more resin so is probably not so much for left overs but could be added layer by layer if you wanted to use up any leftover resin.

I also like this tray as it is a bit bigger and is perfect for keeping keys, pens or anything a little bigger. It’s a bit tricky to get all those air bubbles out especially along the edges.

Perfect for placing keys into
So many variations possible, only really limited to your imagination and your resin supplies

Another useful holder is a pen holder, these are great for tidying up those pens lying around. Again these can be a project that can use up left over resin or built up in layers. As with anything some ideas work out better than others!

Alcohol ink in layers

I did this pen pot in 2 layers, using alcohol ink in both layers, I don’t really like the effect but it still makes a useful pen pot!

Pen holder with resin seahorse

I added a resin seahorse to this pen holder, after dropping it on a hard floor the tail fell off but I’m still happy with it.

As with anything resin related the possibilities are endless and I enjoy creating these little resin dishes, pots and trays. They are usually my go to moulds for using up that last bit of resin that I have left over.

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