Resin and sea glass

What does sea glass look like in resin?

I love beachcombing and particularly enjoy searching for sea glass. When I went to Seaham earlier this year I found some gorgeous multicoloured pieces of seaglass, and a variety of different colours.

I also found lots of white, green and brown. I have added a few bits of seaglass to a few resin projects before including seascape beach coasters and this little turtle’s shell.

The frosted look of the sea glass disappears in resin and the colours shine through beautifully. It looks great paired with some other seaside treasures such as this puffy heart with seashells and sea glass.

What about white sea glass?

Sea glass that has been tumbled with the motion of the sea takes on a beautiful frosted appearance.

In resin this disappears, with coloured sea glass the colours shine through, but what about white? I have tried sea glass in resin before and the white turns back to clear and is barely visible in resin. However with slight variations in colour that appear to be “white” sea glass initially I wondered how lots of pieces of white sea glass in a block would look. With this in mind I decided to experiment with sea glass and resin.

Resin and sea glass photo holder

I had some alligator clips to add to resin to create a photo or card holder. I used a cube mould filled about 1/4 way with resin and started adding pieces of white sea glass. I added a very small amount of light blue transparent pigment to the resin and kept topping up with resin and sea glass until it was full, adding a little sea glass sticking out of the top.

This was the result. I think the many layers of sea glass adds depth to it even though they are clear and it makes for an interesting photo holder.

Resin and sea glass puffy heart

With my large puffy heart mould I did the same as with the cube mould and added a little resin, added white seaglass and kept topping up with both until the mould was full. This time I consciously added a few slightly off white pieces of sea glass to the front of the heart to see how this would look. There are definitely a variety of colours in this one as well as a few bits of wire at the back presumably from some safety glass. Again I think the sea glass adds depth and I really like the subtle variation in colours in this one.

Resin and sea glass small puffy heart with alcohol ink

After experimenting with clear resin and white sea glass, I wanted to try adding a bit of colour and wondered what would happen when I added blue and green alcohol ink, along with some white to push it down.

This one has an interesting effect with the blue background with some blue and white being pushed towards the sea glass. Some bits of the alcohol ink has “landed” onto some pieces of sea glass others have manoeuvred all the way to the front of the heart, slipping through little gaps between the sea glass.

Resin and green sea glass puffy heart

After experimenting with my other puffy hearts and sea glass, I tried filling a smaller mould with all green sea glass. There were some different variations of the green but altogether the colour looked beautiful especially against the light. I think something like this would make a gorgeous sun catcher.

Resin puffy heart with brown sea glass

After trying the green sea glass heart, the other colour I had a lot of sea glass of was brown. This time I tried it out with my smallest puffy heart mould and again the colours come through beautifully.

Resin and sea glass pen pot or tealight holder

My last experiment with sea glass and resin was a pen pot which also fits a tealight nicely as well so could be used as a tealight holder. For this one I used clear resin with a mixture of white, brown and green sea glass. Again I added a bit of resin first then gradually added the sea glass and topped up with resin as I went along until the mould was full. I like how the green and brown sea glass stands out immediately but with a closer look the clear also shows through.

I have really enjoyed experimenting with sea glass and resin and I look forward to trying out some new things as well as making my gorgeous Seaham multis into something wearable.

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