Top 5 Resin Seascape projects

I love creating seascapes with resin, it is my favourite thing to make and my house is pretty much covered in different variations! I love adding sand, shells, pebbles and even glitter to my makes.

Here are my top 5 resin seascape projects.

Number 1

Resin Seascape Canvas/Picture

I have made a few variations on this one including on a canvas board and on birch plywood.

Seascape canvas picture
Seascape picture

Number 2

Seascape notebook cover

I recently discovered the world of resin notebook covers and tried out a seascape, complemented by a vinyl dolphin.

Blue and white seascape notebook with a dolphin sticker in the middle

Number 3

Seascape Pendants

Seascape pendants are a lovely smaller version of a seascape, which I have often created with left over resin when creating my larger seascape projects.

Two pendants with blue and white resin

Number 4

Seascape coasters and placemats

I have probably made the most of this category and really enjoy the process. I love adding real sand, shells and even resin turtles or creating mini “islands”.

Seascape coaster with shells and a mini resin turtle
Island seascape place mat with sand, and white and blue resin

Number 5

Resin Seascape Serving Trays

Take a look at my how to guide for the first tray and a more recent tray creation with a bit of added sparkle under the “sea” below.

Serving tray with a resin seascape
Serving tray with a resin beach scene

That’s the end of my quick tour of my top 5 seascape projects to make and I look forward to searching for more projects to make with resin seascapes in the future.

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