Epoxy resin coasters with polymer clay sprinkles

I like using polymer clay in resin creations, and have used polymer clay sprinkles before in these resin sprinkles keyrings/keychains.

Keychain made from resin and polymer clay candy sprinkles

I really enjoyed making these so wanted to create something else with the sprinkles. I settled on some coasters as I thought something a bit larger would really make the sprinkles stand out.


I wanted to be able to use these with mugs of tea and coffee, so I decided to make these with a layer of heat-resistant resin. I put the heat-resistant layer in first so that the top would be nice and uniform. I poured the clear heat-resistant resin and let it cure for 24 hours. I use Resin8 Heat-resistant resin which they state has a heat resistance of 90 degrees Celsius.

Pouring the sprinkles

With the clear heat-resistant layer cured enough to add another layer, I added my polymer clay sprinkles to some mixed Epideco Procast Art. I wasn’t sure whether to add the sprinkles to the resin and mix before pouring or add the clear resin to the mould followed by a layer of sprinkles. I ended up mixing the sprinkles into the resin to give a deeper layer of the sprinkles within the coaster.

Polymer clay candy sprinkles mixed with clear epoxy resin

After deciding on this nothing was left except to pour. I used a small circular coaster mould.

Pouring polymer clay sprinkles mixed with clear resin into a coaster mould

After pouring I waited another 24 hours before demoulding.

The result

Polymer clay candy sprinkles coaster

The top layer of heat-resistant resin worked well and was lovely smooth and uniform. The sprinkles distributed well and really show off the variety of different colours. I need to wait a few weeks for the heat-resistant resin to fully cure before using to avoid any marks when used with hot drinks.

Polymer clay candy sprinkles coaster with a cup on top
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