Glitter, glitter, glitter

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Glitter is a great addition to epoxy resin and one I have used before in a few project such as these bookmarks. However I have always used standard fine craft glitter. I have seen other specialist resin glitters around but have never tried any.

I decided I wanted to give some a go to see how it compares and tried out Hemway glitter. I bought a few different colours of their polyurethane and epoxy glitter to try it out. I chose their mixed chunky variety in mermaid blue mix and mermaid pink mix.

The first thing I tried was a mermaid bookmark using the blue mix. I have had one of these cute mermaid tail bookmarks from a set I bought a while ago but this was my first try of the mould as well as the glitter. As the clue is in the name I thought this would suit a mermaid themed bookmark pretty well.

I also used the pink mermaid mix with this mould and I think the bookmarks have come out beautifully. The sparkle is amazing and it sparkles through the resin perfectly. I think as this glitter has a mix of sizes and a few iridescent colours mixed in it creates a beautiful effect.

I used the leftover pink glitter resin to create this little heart trinket dish.

I also used the blue mermaid glitter mix to create some winter ice inspired coasters using this mould.

Agate Coaster Resin Mould

First I poured a layer of heat-resistant epoxy resin on the bottom of the mould so that when it was demoulded that would be the top layer and suitable for using with hot drinks. Using the glitter, some blue mica and a few polymer clay snowflakes in a geode style mould the glitter again sparkled through beautifully. I think it works well with the mica to create some sparkly ice style coasters.

I used some silver edging paint for the edges but haven’t quite mastered this skill yet so the edges are not quite as neat as I would have liked, definitely something to practice.

My final project with this batch of glitter resin was a scallop shell storage box. You can check the mould out here.

Resin Seashell Jewellery Box Mould

This took quite a bit of resin so I didn’t have enough left over for the lid so at the moment it’s lidless!

Again this cured beautifully with amazing sparkle and I’ll definitely get to work on the lid at some point.

Update: I made the lid! Took a lot of resin but it finishes it off nicely!

I’m pretty happy with my specialist glitter experiments. The mixed sizes really added to the projects and I think I prefer this style of glitter for these types of makes. I will definitely be using up the glitter I have bought and think I will try out a few other colours maybe in different styles as well, I’m thinking some black to create some gorgeous dark, night themed pieces might be up there with something to try soon.

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