Make Your Own Sprinkles Initial Keychain/ Keyring

These initial keyrings can make a great personalised gift or fun accessory for your bag or keys and are a relatively easy resin project to make yourself.

What you will need

  • Resin – for this project I used Resin8 Coat It Resin
  • Mixing equipment – plastic or silicone cups, stirrer
  • PPE (gloves, mask etc)
  • Alphabet silicone mould
  • Polymer clay sprinkles
  • Threaded screw eye pins
  • Keychain/keyring fittings
  • Hand drill
  • Jewellery pliers
  • Heat gun
  • Keychain tassels (optional)
  • Epoxy glue (optional)

Step 1 – Mixing and Pouring

Mix up your resin as per its instructions. Once mixed it’s time to add the sprinkles! To get the effect I wanted I needed to use a lot of the sprinkles, like the picture below. (This picture is from my sprinkles coaster but a similar idea with slightly different sprinkles)

I poured into the mould. My mould is a bit deeper than I need so I tend to pour 0.5-1cm deep. I would recommend moving the resin around a little on the bottom of the mould to try and release any air bubbles.

Once poured go over briefly with a heat gun to pop any more bubbles.

Step 2 – Finishing off

As the mould is a bit deeper than the poured resin there may be some rough edges. It might be worth adding a small layer of clear resin to level this up a bit, or the edges can be sanded down to get rid of any sharp edges.

Step 3 – Creating the keychain

Once the resin has cured, it’s time to drill a small hole to attach the keychain. I find this is best within 48 hours especially with a hand drill or it can be more difficult to drill as it fully cures. Screw the threaded screw eye pin into the hole until it is all the way in. (I usually add a bit of glue to the pin to ensure a secure fit and have had good results using araldite so far.)

After this it is time to attached the keyring fitting and add a tassel if you want. These bits can be a bit fiddly!

The finished keychain

The end result is a bright, colourful addition to a bag, purse or keys!

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