Make Your Own Resin Christmas Tree Decorations

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You can make so many different things with resin and one of these is Christmas tree decorations! This didn’t even occur to me until I saw these moulds which I promptly bought!

I bought this set with 5 different decoration moulds and set to work creating some decorations!

These are pretty easy to make and are a great project for beginners. They are so easily customised, glitter shows up great along with crushed glass nuggets, mica powder amongst lots of other things. The moulds are also “pre-drilled” so a hole to thread through some ribbon or other material is made into the mould which makes this an even easier project to finish off as no drilling is required.


The first mould I tried out was the snowflake. For my first attempt I used some white pearl mica mixed with some superfine silver glitter. This produced a lovely sparkle and shimmer.

Resin Christmas tree snowflake decoration with a silver ribbon to tie

For my next try with this mould I used some silver metallic pigment mixed with the same superfine silver glitter as my first attempt. The glitter sank to the bottom of the mould but when demoulded this became the top so produced a lovely sparkly effect.

I also made this snowflake with a fine gold and silver glitter mix.

Snowflake Christmas tree decorations made from epoxy resin in pearl and silver
Gold glitter resin snowflake Christmas tree decoration

Elk within a bell

For my next mould I tried using 2 different layers. I started off filling up the bell shaped mould with Aztec gold mica mixed with resin up to the level of the elk. I left this to cure overnight before adding a second gold glitter layer which when it was demoulded showed through beautifully.

Resin Bell shaped Christmas tree decorations in gold and gold glitter with an elk shape within

I also tried this with some mixed size gold and black glitter with a black extra fine glitter layer to highlight the elk.

Bell shaped resin Christmas tree decoration with an Elk in gold and black glitter

Christmas tree within a bell

I tried a different technique for the next mould again this took two separate pours but a bit differently than before. This time I took a bell shaped mould with a Christmas tree shape within and poured resin mixed with this gorgeous gold crushed crystal. I filled the mould completely. The crushed crystal sunk like the glitter in the snowflakes to the bottom of the mould. As this became the front of the mould it filled in the front beautifully with interesting looking texture as well as sparkle. I let this cure overnight, demoulded, then turned over and filled in the recess of the Christmas tree shape on the front. I used a pistachio shade of mica for the tree and some fiery red for the star. I did think about choosing a yellow but I was worried it wouldn’t stand out as well with the gold background, so went with the red instead.

Christmas tree resin decoration in a bell shape with a christmas tree shape within

I also tried this with the same gold and silver glitter mix I used for one of the snowflakes as well as the black extra fine glitter but used two layers and kept the recess.

Gold and black resin Christmas tree decoration

Also this one using red glitter and pale gold was created using this method.

Christmas tree

For the last of my Christmas decoration moulds I chose to use some turquoise crushed crystal for the tree. Again I left this to cure, demoulded, turned over and filled the recess of the word “merry” in with resin using some fiery red mica. I used a pipette to get it into the small recess. Again the crushed crystal added to the texture of the decoration and I feel this created a more tree-like look of this particular decoration.

Christmas tree decoration made from epoxy resin in a tree shape and the word merry

Again I tried a different version with some gold and black glitter and I love how the same mould can produce two very different looking decorations.

Gold glitter resin Christmas tree decoration

Finishing off

To finish off these Christmas tree decorations I used some leftover Christmas ribbon from last year and threaded it through the holes and tied to secure a loop to hang on the tree.

These decorations make lovely handmade additions to a Christmas tree and also make lovely gifts for friends and family. They are easy to make and extremely customisable to your ideas and needs.

See Part 2 here for more Resin Christmas decorations

Make your own resin Christmas tree decorations
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