Making Sea Glass Necklaces

After finding some gorgeous pieces of sea glass at Seaham, I have wanted to make some pendants from them for a while. I finally got around to drilling some holes in some of the beautiful Seaham multis and created some pendants.

Multicoloured sea glass from Seaham

I also had a go at making a sea glass pendant with resin and some of the tiny pieces of sea glass.

Sea glass multi pendants

After practicing drilling sea glass with some plain clear and green bits of glass, I took the plunge and drilled one of the unique multis. The first one I tried was this blue multi which drilled through quite well. I attached a pinch bail and a chain and this was the result.

Blue sea glass necklace

I then drilled a hole in this beautiful pink multi and again added a pinch bail and a chain.

Pink Red Sea glass necklace

Next up was a beautiful vibrant turquoise piece of sea glass that was an interesting shape and again I drilled a hole and added a pinch bail and chain to create a bright eye catching pendant.

Turquoise sea glass necklace

The last one was this huge beautiful multi. I decided not to drill this one as it was so thick and instead used this 5 prong setting to create this pendant. I also used a tiny bit of epoxy glue to stick it on the back to make sure it stayed where it was supposed to.

Large blue and White Sea glass pendant

Sea glass and resin pendant

For this next pendant I tried something a bit different. I searched through all of the sea glass I found and chose the tiniest pieces I had. I had a variety of colours including pink, orange, red, blue and yellow. I chose a close-backed bezel and chose one with a shiny surface on the back. I added a tiny layer of clear resin to the bezel and added the pieces of tiny coloured sea glass one at a time. I wanted the pieces of sea glass to peak out above the resin to show them off even more.

Resin sea glass necklace

I’m really glad that I have finally made some jewellery using the sea glass I found. I have made a few other things with the sea glass I found but I think these are my favourite.

Sea glass necklaces
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