Spooky Halloween Resin Makes

Here are a few quick resin makes just in time for Halloween. Think googly eyes, glow in the dark and spooky ghosts.

I haven’t got any Halloween specific resin moulds so I used a few items I had available to create a few Halloween themed makes.

Cricut ghost coaster

I used my Cricut Joy to make these little ghosts with white vinyl to add to an orange coaster. I used some orange mica, didn’t fully mix through to make it look like a bit spookier in a geode style coaster mould. Stuck the ghosts on and a spooky Halloween ghost coaster was ready. I would normally put a clear resin coat on top of the vinyl but ran out of time on this one!

Orange resin ghost coaster

Googly eyes glow in the dark coaster

I also used a coaster mould for this next spooky piece. A circle this time where I added a layer on clear resin. To this I added some googly eyes and left to cure. The next day I discovered the googly eyes had moved before it had cured so ended up with a slightly more random placement of the eyes than I had planned. Once the clear layer had cured, I added a some glow in the dark powder to some clear resin, mixed it together and poured another layer on the coaster. The googly eyes still shake in the resin and it glows really well at night.

Glow in the dark coaster with googly eyes
Glow in the dark coaster with googly eyes
Glowing in the dark!

Ghost Pendant

I had a few of these little ghost figures and one of them fit perfectly into a bezel. I used some pearl mica mixed with clear resin to give a nice background on the bezel and once this had cured stuck the little ghost on with some resin and left it to cure. I think the result is a fun Halloween pendant.

Ghost pendant

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