Glitter resin tiered jewellery storage box

I have made a few trinket dishes and storage boxes recently and it is always something I have enjoyed making. I like that they are lovely to look at, fun to make but also really useful when finished! I always seem to have plenty of stuff to put in them.

Most of these types of dishes, pots and boxes have been one piece with the exception of the shell storage box which was two pieces with the lid. My latest piece was a step up and included 3 tiers, a lid and a tube connecting everything together.

The Tiers

First of all I decided upon a colour scheme and fancied a bit of sparkle. I used the opportunity to use some glitters that I hadn’t used much before. I used ultra fine Hemway black glitter, fine Hemway gold silver glitter and a mixed chunky Hemway gold and black tiger glitter. I also used some interference gold mica powder from resin8.

I had 3 separate moulds for each tier and used a different mix of glitters in each. I mixed each of the glitters and mica powder into separate pots with some clear epoxy resin. I then used the glitter resin mixes across the three moulds using different combinations of each.

I waited over 24 hours to demould to ensure they were cured enough to keep their shape and not bend.

Resin jewellery box tray with gold silver glitter

The lid

The lid was a separate mould with a small circular indent to fix the tube to the lid and hold it in place. This could also be used as a base at the bottom of the container and next time I make this I will try this out. I used the gold silver fine glitter to fill the mould. As the top of the mould was the top of the lid the glitter did sink a bit, and I needed to add a second small layer to ensure it was as sparkly on the top as it was on the bottom.

Resin jewellery box lid

Putting it together

To fit it all together I used some araldite epoxy glue to stick the lid to the tube. After this stuck together I decided to fill the tube with some more glitter mixed with resin. I don’t think this is needed but tried it out anyway.

Once this had cured, it added the three tiers to the tube before glueing the bottom of the tube to the bottom tier.

To tidy up the bottom of the storage container I filled the bottom of the tube with resin to level it off with the rest of the container.

The result

Resin jewellery tiered storage box

I am really happy with how this turned out. I wasn’t sure how it would all fit together and if it would actually work!

Resin jewellery box with three tiers and a lid with gold and black glitter

The tiers of the storage container move out really well and all three tiers are easily accessible to store jewellery or other small items.

Top down view of a tiered jewellery box showing the separate trays

Next time I make this I want to try adding a base to the bottom using the lid mould and placing below the bottom tier to see if this improves it at all.

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