Resin Beach Art

I love creating seascapes and beach art with resin. Just have a look at these seascape ideas. Generally though, my projects have been pretty small, probably the biggest has been this resin tray. I found this liquid art panel in Hobbycraft and wanted to give it a try to create some resin beach art to display at home.

Before I started I knew I wanted to try a black sand beach so this was my first step. The liquid art panel was already primed and sealed so no extra preparation work for that was needed.

Preparing the sand

I started off by painting the edges of the frame with some textured black paint. I also painted some black acrylic paint where the sand would go, just in case the sand didn’t cover completely to avoid the white base showing through. I also painted the rest of the panel with some white acrylic paint.

I also decided to paint some wood and shells black to match the theme. Once this was dry it was time to create the “beach”.

Creating the beach

I mixed up some clear resin and mixed in some of Resin8’s black sand.I spread this on the area of the panel that I wanted the beach to be. I then added the painted shells, wood and some other shells and left it to cure.

Creating resin beach art

Making the ocean

Once the beach part had cured I set to work creating the water and waves.

My first step was adding several different types of blue to the panel starting with some transparent turquoise pigment, gradually getting a darker colour to opaque deep sea blue with a bit of metallic pigment thrown in as well. The clear resin from the beach part had drifted further into the panel so it left a lighter colour around his area, but I wasn’t too worried as this would be covered up with the waves later.

Creating resin ocean

Creating Waves

After this had cured it was time for the waves. I added clear resin to the entire ocean area stopping by the sand. I then added some opaque white pigment to some resin and added a thin layer along to create the shoreline. I used a heat gun to move the white and create some waves. I also added a drop of cell creator to the white. I then left this to cure overnight.

Resin beach art

Once cured I added another layer of clear and stopped where I wanted the next wave to come in. Again I used opaque white pigment mixed with some resin to create the next breaking wave.

Resin seascape beach art

Finishing off

To finish off I painted around the frame of the panel with the textured black paint.

I have never used black sand before but I like the contrast to the white of the waves and the blue of the ocean.

I also liked using the liquid art panel. Preparation was a lot easier as the underside was sealed so no glue gun required around the edges which saved a lot of time. I also like that once your creation is finished it can be hung up without adding to a frame and you only need to add a hook. I have another one of these panels and look forward to making something different with it and see what I can create.

Resin black sand beach art
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