Make Your Own Resin Christmas Decorations Part 2

My original post wasn’t enough as I have more Christmas decorations to share! See part 1 here.

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From the mould set I bought for part 1 there was one mould I had a few issues with. I tried several ways of pouring and even brushing on mica into the mould but when demoulding it snapped or looked terrible! I gave up for a while but tried again and used two very shallow layers of resin in gold then a silvery white to create a silhouette in gold and attempting a snowy background.

It’s a bit of a fiddly mould and I needed to use a pipette to be able to keep it neat and the second layer in particular was very thin as the mould is not very deep. I am happy with the way this one came out though. When I demoulded this was the result.

Resin winter scene Christmas tree decoration

This next Christmas decoration mould was this snowflake bauble. I bought this separately from Resin8 but I think the same one comes in this set along with the moulds I used in Part 1.

To make the snowflake stand out I poured a thin layer of glittery red just up to the height of the snowflake inside the mould. After this had cured I filled the mould up with silvery white to make this colour come through the snowflake and the top of the bauble shape.

Resin snowflake bauble Christmas tree decoration

I also tried a different technique with black and gold fine glitter. Instead of doing layers I filled the whole mould with black fine glitter mixed with clear resin along with a very small amount of gold glitter. When this had cured I filled in the front snowflake area with a gold glitter mix. I don’t think this technique gives as much definition to the snowflake as the other one but I still like the overall effect.

Resin black and gold snowflake in a bauble Christmas tree decoration

I also wanted to try something a bit different and in the end I tried out this mould to make a free standing Xmas sign.

This took quite a bit of resin but I mixed some different epoxy gold and black glitters into this one with a bit of red mica for the Santa hat with a bit of silver for the bobble.

I filled it to about half and after this had cured filled the rest of the mould with clear resin.

Xmas resin freestanding sign

I think this is it for resin Christmas decorations for this year but look out for some resin Christmas gift ideas coming soon.

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  1. Turned out nicely especially red glitter snowflake

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