Ten Resin Christmas Gift Ideas

Making your own Christmas gifts can be fun and rewarding. There is such a variety of things you can make with resin that can make the perfect Christmas gift.

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Here are 10 ideas for handmade resin gifts.

Christmas Decorations

A handmade Christmas decoration can make a wonderful gift which can be treasured for years to come. They can be quick to make and have endless colour combinations!

Resin Christmas snowflake tree decoration

There are lots of different resin Christmas decoration moulds around like these which can be used to create them.

Part 1 and Part 2 of my posts on Christmas decorations can show you more.


Bookmarks make a useful gift but as with lots of resin creations the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

For some more ideas about making resin bookmarks have a look here.

I used this mould set to make a few different sized bookmarks.

Here are a few ideas for bookmark gifts using glitter and polymer clay snowflakes.

I love these little Santa polymer clay embeds from Resin8 which I used to create some Santa bookmarks.


Resin notebook covers can look amazing, add in the binder rings and the paper and it’s a gorgeous yet practical gift. Again there are so many possibilities, colour combinations and styles to use to create a notebook no-one else will have.

These are some of the supplies you will need to create your own resin notebook.


Another useful yet unique resin gift idea is a resin pen. With a pen mould and a ballpoint pen refill you can create your own unique pens.

Resin pens

You can try a Christmas themed pen like this one which included some polymer clay Santa’s!

Resin Santa pen

These supplies can get you started.

Soap dish

Using a soap dish mould you can create a unique bathroom accessory. Here are some examples of different things you can create.

You could even pair this with some homemade soap for a truly homemade gift bundle!

Rein soap dish with christmas soap

You can also create soap dishes using Jesmonite. Have a look at this post for further soap dish ideas.

Christmas pendant

Another quick gift to create are these gorgeous Christmas pendants.

Resin Christmas pendants

Using some Christmas themed bezels like the ones below you can create some fun wearable Christmas themed pendants!

Just add a jump ring and a chain to create a beautiful necklace.

Resin Christmas tree pendant


Try making some themed Christmas coasters as a unique and functional gift. Coaster moulds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you can also pair resin with wood like this example below.

Resin  and wood Christmas coasters

I also used a cricut joy to cut the vinyl holographic snowflake which I stuck onto the white shimmer resin layer below, before finishing off with a clear heat resistant top coat.

I also used the polymer clay Santa’s for this Christmas themed coaster.

Resin Christmas Santa coaster


The first time I created a resin clock I marvelled at how simple it was to create. A board with a centre hole, a clock movement and clock hands as below are the additional items you need.

Add the resin and create a clock that can go with any theme or decor.

Resin seascape clock

Picture holder

A resin picture holder can be a beautifully personalised gift paired with a special photograph. One of these clips along with a cube mould can create this personal piece.

Resin Christmas photo holder

I used some Christmas potpourri in a jam jar and added the picture clip in the centre and held it in place until the resin cured.

Jewellery box

A jewellery box or storage pot can be another functional yet beautiful gift. This post shows you how to create this 3 tiered container.

Resin jewellery box

Another idea is this clam shell box which can easily be used as a jewellery box or other storage container.

Resin clam shell storage box

Resin Christmas Gift Ideas

That is the end of my top 10 resin Christmas gift ideas for this year, from resin pens to notebooks and clocks hopefully there is a gift idea in there for everyone.

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