Looking back at 2020

2020 has been quite a year, but despite everything that has gone on I have enjoyed exploring the world of resin crafts further this year and getting stuck in with all sorts of different projects. This post looks at my favourite projects, products, accessories and looks ahead to another year of crafting.

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Favourite projects

I have a few favourite projects from this year, including seascapes, alcohol inks and dried flowers.


My absolute favourite projects of the year have to be the array of seascape projects I have tried out.

They have definitely become a firm favourite of mine. From beach themed trays to seascape coasters and wall art to trinket trays, I always enjoy this style of project. I think it is due to living a few hours away from the coast and not being able to go to the seaside regularly, especially this year. I love creating waves, aiming to get those stunning lacing effects and each project being completely unique. I love the unpredictability of the wave effects and also adding shells, pebbles and sand to create different textures and beach scenes.

Alcohol inks

I have also enjoyed working with alcohol inks to create some stunning and unique effects. I have enjoyed trying out alcohol ink resin projects such as jewellery and keyrings and seeing what patterns emerge. I love how the different patterns emerge and how colourful they are. This is something I would like to use some more with different projects and more colours.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers have been a surprise for me this year. It wasn’t something I was particularly interested in but when spring came around earlier in the year and my garden started flowering I really enjoyed drying some of the flowers myself and using them in resin.I have found myself looking at flowers and thinking how I could incorporate it in a resin craft project!

I have particularly enjoyed trying my hand at botanical jewellery from tiny forget-me-not earrings to capturing dandelion clocks as well as some fridge magnet hearts. I can’t wait until spring again to have another go at some different projects but with more if an idea of how to use them this year.

Resin products

Epoxy Resins

I have discovered several epoxy resin suppliers this year and currently my favourite resin is Vuba with their Vista range. This soap dish was my first project using Vista stream and I loved how clear the resin was and how few bubbles there were. I used some christmas potpourri to as well as a few mini pinecones to create this with a soap dish mould from Resin8.

Resin Christmas soap dish


I have enjoyed using different media within the resin as well from glitters to polymer clay. I am so glad I discovered Hemway glitter as their epoxy glitter is great to work with and produces fantastic effects within resin such as in this Xmas sign and storage container. I have also used it with some gorgeous mermaid bookmarks, clam shell jewellery box, coasters and Christmas decorations.


I have added to my range of accessories this year. I still enjoy using my head gun, silicone stirrers and pots but this year my favourite accessory and purchase of the year has to be this Dremel multi tool.

It has made sanding, drilling and polishing a whole lot easier and I have even used it on other projects such as drilling these sea glass pendants.

Looking ahead to 2021

As I said earlier I am really looking forward to springtime. Personally I love the lighter nights and slightly warmer temperatures starting to appear. With regards to resin crafts I can’t wait to use some spring flowers in some of my resin creations. I’m particularly looking forward to trying out a spring flower notebook cover as well as some more jewellery ideas.

I am also looking forward to doing some more alcohol ink pendants, keychains and bookmarks as I haven’t used alcohol inks in a while and would like to use these again soon. I am also looking to try using them with a few different projects that I haven’t tried yet.

I would also love to continue trying out some bigger projects such as wall art, trays etc as I love how these take a while to come together in different stages and really enjoy the whole process of creating these bigger projects.

Over 2020 it has been really special to escape everything that has been going on outside and retreat to my little craft room and work on some resin craft projects. I have enjoyed the creation process but also the satisfaction afterwards at having created something that may be useful around the house, makes a great present or something special for myself.

I am looking forward to 2021 and more crafting.

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