Resin and alcohol ink rainbow coasters

My first post of 2021!

I wanted to celebrate by making something bright and cheerful in this cold and grey month and thought about rainbows! I decided to have another try at using alcohol inks with resin but this time ditching the ocean theme and trying to make something with a rainbow theme instead.

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I used alcohol ink quite a lot a few months ago but recently it is something I had forgotten about. When thinking about the last year, I pledged to myself to use alcohol inks in resin once again so thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

I have made some pendants, hearts, keychains and even trinket dishes but I have never had a go at making coasters with alcohol ink and have also never attempted a rainbow theme. My closest make would be this, my first ever resin make with alcohol ink.

My favourite alcohol inks to use are these Jacquard Pinata Alcohol ink. I bought this pack which gave a wide range of colours, perfect to start off with. After using them a few times I added Teal and Blue-Violet to my collection. I particularly like the Blue-Violet as my purple of choice as the Passion Purple turned brown quite often when interacting with other colours but the Blue-Violet appears to do this less.

I also used these coaster moulds which I like as they have the raised edges to try and create some rainbow themed coasters. If you have a go yourself remember to work in a well ventilated area, with at least a mask and nitrile gloves as a minimum.

As with most things practice makes perfect and the first few I attempted were not quite what I was after. These ones the white has dropped to the bottom of the mould (which when demoulded becomes the top!) and has quite a few white dots over it. I suspect the resin needed to thicken up a bit before I added the alcohol ink.

Resin rainbow alcohol ink coaster

I used a bit of gold for this next one. I found gold to be one of the most unpredictable and disappointing alcohol ink colours when using in resin. It mainly floats at the top. This is the underside of the coaster.

When turned over only some of the gold is visible mostly where the resin was clear. A few bits made their way to the bottom of the mould but the majority stayed towards the top of the mould.

Alcohol ink resin coaster

I left the resin to sit a little longer and thicken up a little for my most successful attempts at a rainbow petri style coaster. With these the white blended more with the other colours and created a more colourful “petrified rainbow” effect than my previous tries.

Square rainbow resin alcohol ink coaster

This is a picture of the back of three coasters, they often look quite different to what is on the other side. It is always a surprise as to what they come out like with every one being unique in some way and also means successes are difficult to replicate!

Rainbow resin coasters curing

I think once you get used to alcohol ink, you can figure out your own method which produces the results you’re after more consistently.

I also tried a few different colour orders and ways in which I organised the colours to see how they interacted. Following more real rainbow colour orders helped reduce the risk of colours interacting and coming out brown.

I also tried adding the colours in circles, starting at the middle of the circle and working outwards to see what kind of effect I would get.

I had fun making these, especially on a pretty grim, cold January day, they definitely brighten things up and were a fun winter project. I think my next challenge is to try and replicate this rainbow effect in something smaller like a pendant, not sure if I can do it but I’ll give it a go, watch this space!

Rainbow resin coaster with alcohol ink
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