Alcohol ink and dried flowers

I love experimenting with new combinations and alcohol ink with dried flowers isn’t a combination I’ve ever tried before in resin.

In spring last year I made a lot of resin pieces with dried flowers. I really enjoying adding different flowers from my garden and even some blossoms from trees. After making these lovely bright rainbow alcohol ink coasters, I was inspired to try something similar but also incorporating some dried flowers into the mix.

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I started off with these coaster moulds and also this lovely trinket tray mould.

I added clear resin to the rim of the mould only and added the alcohol inks to this. I decided on some rainbow colours on a few, but also tried black and white, and pink, orange and yellow on some others.

After this first layer had cured sufficiently I added another clear layer of resin this time just enough to place the dried flowers onto and again left to cure.

Resin trinket tray and coasters curing

The last step was to add another layer on top. I decided to use white on some of the pieces and black on the rest to make the coordinating flowers stand out.

For this mini tray I used alcohol inks around the rim with a rainbow colour scheme. I then added some greenery and finished off with a white layer to show off the rainbow colours and green of the leaves.

Trinket tray with an rainbow outer rim and green leaves in he centre of the tray

For this circular coaster I also used a rainbow colour scheme for the outer rim using alcohol inks. This time I used a single large daisy in the middle with a black background layer to really make the colours pop.

Rainbow alcohol ink coaster with daisy on a black background

This hexagonal coaster was something a bit different. For this one I decided on a black and white colour scheme throughout. I added the alcohol ink along the rim like previously but only using the black and white alcohol inks. I added a selection of different white flowers to the clear layer before finishing off with a black layer. I like the effect of this but was a bit annoyed with myself for missing the two specs of glitter that snuck onto the resin when I wasn’t looking!

Hexagonal coaster with black and white alcohol ink and dried flowers

For my final experiment I used this square coaster mould again using alcohol inks around the rim, this time using magenta, orange and yellow. I then chose quite a semi-transparent pink leaf and paired this with a white background. (Another speck of glitter snuck in!)

Square coaster with magenta, orange and yellow alcohol ink with dried flower in the centre

I really like experimenting with different media in resin, and I think this combination goes pretty well. I will definitely use the alcohol inks along the edges of the mould again as I really like the effect.

I am still working on some alcohol ink rainbow pendants so look out shortly for that post.

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