Alcohol ink rainbow resin pendants

After using alcohol inks in coasters and trinket dishes I wanted to try the rainbow colours in something smaller such as a pendant. This can be a bit tricky as alcohol ink can effect the curing of the resin so you have to be careful not to use too much or you end up with a bendy pendant!

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For this projects I used the following:

Making the pendants

I started off mixing the resin, Cascade is a 2:1 ratio. I tend to heat up the resin before mixing with the hardener in the mixing pot in a water bath for around 5 minutes, especially in the winter months. I find it mixes better and with less bubbles when I do this. I just have to make sure I am careful not to get the water anywhere near it as resin and water don’t mix well unless you want some sticky bits on your pendants!

After mixing I poured into the mould. I usually wait a few minutes for the resin to thicken up a bit before adding the alcohol inks so they don’t sink to the bottom straightaway.

The next step is to add the alcohol inks. I tried to only use 2-3 drops in each pendant with one or two of white to make sure the resin cured properly and didn’t end up bendy.

The pendants

I wasn’t sure if the rainbow effect would come out as well in smaller pieces but I am happy with the way the colours have come out.

I did a bit of wire wrapping on these to create the bail (something else to practice!)

Alcohol ink rainbow resin pendants

With these I used a glue on bail and some araldite to stick them on.

Rainbow resin alcohol ink pendants

Here are some with a chain, showing off the necklace.

Alcohol ink resin rainbow necklaces

I was really pleased to get this rainbow effect from much smaller pieces than the coasters and trinket dishes I have done before. They are very bright and cheerful, perfect for the middle of winter!

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