Using a cricut to personalise resin makes

Last year I treated myself to a cricut joy. I have used it in all sorts of ways such as making cards and iron-on t-shirt transfers to name a few. The other main thing I have used it for is to personalise my resin makes. This post will show a few examples of how I have used my cricut to personalise my resin pieces.

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What I use to personalise my resin makes:

You will also need the usual resin equipment and materials.

Pieces to personalise

I had several resin pieces I wished to personalise including some from my previous alcohol ink rainbow coasters post. I planned to make a few presents with them as well and thought they would look great with a name on.

These are the pieces I planned to use.

Using the cricut joy

The first step to personalising these makes was to create the names in the cricut design space. Once I had decided on a font and measured my resin pieces to make sure I make the right size name they were ready to cut.

I used the matte silver vinyl from the pack shown on the link in the equipment section. I thought this colour would complement the bright rainbow colours in the resin well.

This is a smart vinyl so no need for a mat. I cut three different names, one for each piece.

Cricut joy cutting out a name on vinyl

After these were cut on the cricut, I used the cricut weeding tool to weed out the vinyl between the letters.

Weeding vinyl

Once this was complete I used some transfer tape to remove the name from the backing sheet and transfer it to the coaster.

Transferring vinyl onto resin coaster

Once securely pressed onto the coaster I removed the transfer tape and this section of the personalisation was complete.

Resin topcoat

Now the vinyl was on the coaster all that was left was to add a clear resin topcoat. I mixed up my usual coating resin and added a small layer a few millimetres deep to coat the vinyl.

Pouring resin over vinyl

The trinket tray had a bit of a mishap. I had some glitter nearby (note to self don’t keep glitter so close!) and I managed to transfer some to the trinket tray with the white background. There was too much to try and get out so instead I sprinkled more on the surface. I don’t think I would do this again but it covered up my mistake!

After this I left them to cure. They take around 24 hours to cure but need a few weeks to cure fully and become heat resistant up to 90 degrees which is great for use with mugs etc.

The Finished Pieces

This is the finished trinket dish and additional unintended glitter!

Personalised resin trinket tray with alcohol ink, glitter and dried flowers

This next one is the hexagonal alcohol ink coaster.

Personalised resin rainbow coaster

This final one is the end result of the personalised square alcohol ink coaster.

Personalised rainbow resin coaster with alcohol inks

I love using the cricut joy to personalise or add an additional element to my resin makes. Adding some personalisation can make that homemade gift even more special and unique.

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  1. Reading this was just lovely 🙂


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