Alcohol ink rainbow resin mini trays

When I took a look back over 2020, one of things I wanted to do more of was use alcohol inks in resin again. I did it quite a bit in the early part of 2020 but pretty much forgot about it in the second half and wanted to try some new things with them.

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So far this year I have made some rainbow coasters and pendants with alcohol inks and my next project was some mini trinket/jewellery trays.

I used these trinket tray moulds and used the alcohol inks in a very similar way to the coasters. I had used alcohol ink around the edge of this mould in this tray but never used them for the whole mould.

Alcohol ink and dried flower resin trinket tray

I used the different colours of alcohol inks in clear resin and then added the white alcohol ink which is heavier than the other colours and pushes those colours down to give that petri effect when demoulded.

Rainbow resin trinket trays

I tried a few different colour orders and also added some vinyl rhythmic gymnasts to one to create a unique gift.

Alcohol ink rainbow resin mini tray with vinyl rhythmic gymnasts

When I demoulded I also added a topcoat of clear resin to make it heat resistant in case they are used for coasters etc as the alcohol inks can effect the heat resistance of the resin. By adding a small layer of resin (about 3mm) this restores the heat resistance. This also coated the vinyl which looks a lot better than sticking the vinyl on the surface alone.

I have enjoyed using alcohol inks again particularly using a variety of colours and creating “resin rainbows”. Just what I needed over these cold, dark months.

With spring around the corner I think I am going to leave alcohol inks aside for a while and go back to some seascapes and dried flowers. Again something I love creating but something that I haven’t used that much recently.

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